Posted: February 16, 2017

Giroux Glass at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center

Who would have thought that my career as a project manager would lead me back to my birth place (I won’t say how many years later), at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center.

Aside from my own history there, Giroux Glass has also built a long-term relationship with Kaiser, though in a different way, having provided glass and glazing services to numerous medical centers over the years. Most recently, our glazing team completed an outdoor healing garden project at Kaiser LAMC, after beginning the initial pre-planning stages for it late last year.

We teamed up with Kaiser Construction and Facilities Services and Sautter Architecture to help construct the healing garden, complete with a soothing water feature to help calm visitors. . . . read more

Posted: February 09, 2017

Giroux Glass, Inc.'s glasswork on the Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

It feels like an appropriate time for the fourth and final installment of our Lucky Dragon blog posts, as Chinese New Year is still being celebrated around the world, and in many hotel-casinos along the Las Vegas Strip.

The authentically Asian-theme of the new Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino is energetic and flamboyant, much like this year's zodiac animal, the rooster. The red and gold color scheme and use of glass throughout are major statement pieces, casting a dramatic, rosy hue nearly everywhere you explore.

Director of marketing and PR Barbara Kotsos and I recently toured this new hotel-casino (visiting from Los Angeles, CA), and captured some of Giroux Glass' work on camera. . . . read more

Posted: February 06, 2017

Nataline Lomedico (President & CEO) and Ilse Baeck (Contract Manager) at Cal High's Career Fair 2017

Along with Nataline Lomedico, our CEO and president, I attended the 2nd annual Career Fair at California High School, in Whittier on Friday, February 3rd. It was at a NAWIC Orange County networking dinner, the previous week, where I learned about this event from Izzy Zandvliet, (shown below at her own NAWIC table) , and when I eagerly signed us up to  host a table. The Job Fair was open to all students from grade levels 9 through 12, and the school estimates that about 2,800 attended over an extended lunch hour.

With about 700 students estimated to graduate from California High School this year, what a wonderful pool of potential new hires they were! There was a wide diversity of industries represented at the Fair that day.  We were among a variety of tables representing companies or agencies from law enforcement to tattoo artistry, from IT specialists to emergency medical teams . . .! read more

Posted: February 03, 2017

Entrance doors at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, installed by Giroux Glass, Inc.

What a thrill it was for Monica Molinaro and me to get a private tour of the gorgeous new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. We have previously published a few posts on the project (see 6/23/16 and 5/11/16), but it’s the first time that the two of us got to see this amazing venue’s impressive 650,000 square feet of sport and entertainment space -- and also the projects completed by Giroux Glass, Inc. From the moment we entered the row of double glass entrance doors, (installed by Giroux Glass), our jaws dropped and we continued, awe-struck.

Our field foreman, Art Mortensen, and Michael Lecavalier, the arena's manager of facilities (and also a fellow ex-Montrealer!) were kind enough to spend the morning touring us through all the different areas.... read more

Posted: January 12, 2017

PANELBuilder AXYZ 5018

As announced by USGlass News Network (USGNN), Glass Magazine, and CCR Magazine, Giroux Glass, Inc. has recently upgraded its panel fabrication capabilities with the installation of a new PANELBuilderTM.

Manufactured by AXYZ International, it represents one more impressive piece of CNC (computer numerical control) equipment for fabricating aluminum composite and metal composite materials in our San Bernardino, California-based plant.

Previously, over the years, Giroux Glass has included panel systems in its work by subcontracting their fabrication to outside companies. The new addition, along with the installation of custom saw/feeders, will enhance our glazing projects and benefit our customers in several important ways. . . .

Posted: January 03, 2017

Loyla Marymount University Life Sciences Building

Loyola Marymount University needed our help recently to replace a pane of broken glass in their newly-constructed Seaver Life Sciences Building. It's a gorgeous 100,000-square-foot, three-story facility which boasts large, custom glass lites throughout, and is topped by a grass-covered roof (shown above) that's also a "living laboratory" for research!

When C.W. Driver accepted the role of general contractor for the new science structure (designed by CO Architects), they had to orchestrate building a space where the construction technologies and processes used were as innovative as the science and academia that would later take place within the space itself.

Giroux Glass is well-versed in designs that plan for the future, with a focus on openness, transparency, and light. When one of the top-level storefront glass lites broke and we were called to replace it, our Service department was well qualified to perform the task.... read more

Posted: December 27, 2016

Our Service department celebrating each other with their annual team breakfast.

With the end of 2016 being much cause for celebration, our Service department added yet more reasons to celebrate by hosting an annual team breakfast in appreciation of each other and the work we have accomplished together this year. As far as traditions go, the Service department, the original division of Giroux Glass, has been in operation for over 70 years. It was the first Giroux Glass team to hit the streets in Los Angeles when Louis Giroux first opened his doors in 1946. Since then, our team has grown to include everyone in the photo above, and more -- estimators, project managers, and union-qualified glaziers who provide high-quality glazing repairs and replacements in the greater Los Angeles area.

Our breakfast allowed us to give some well-deserved appreciation (and raffle prizes) to our glaziers, who work hard everyday. Those in attendance were: Anthony Lucena, Jim Sharp, Hugo Barragan, Jimmy Curren, Jeremy Kerr, Derrick Kerr, Juan Orozco, Christian Ruiz, Ruben Ochoa, Dalila Fidencio, Jacqueline Arbid, Leo Aceves, John McEwen, Cesar Barragan, Chris Ortiz, Fred Perez, and Moises Orozco.

From our Service team and all of us at Giroux Glass, we wish you love, peace, happiness, prosperity, and more this New Year and always.  read more

Posted: December 20, 2016

Director of CA Operations Bob Linford looking onward at LAX, the site of many ongoing Giroux Glass projectsAs 2016 comes to an end, we reflect on the blessing, as well as the accomplishment, of Giroux Glass thriving as a 70-year-old company. To list all of the changes since 1946 would be endless, so let’s look back just 20 years. While preparing for the new year, I was cleaning through some old files and found a "Wish List" from 1996!  I was bewildered by how much Giroux has changed through the past 20 years, changes I'm sure are similar to what other similar-sized companies also have experienced. Back in 1996, Giroux employees wished for things that included: “a website on the internet,” “software for estimators and project managers,” “systematic contract files,” “mobile phones for the field,” “replacement wooden ladders,” “polaroid cameras for job sites,” “newer clocks throughout the office,” and (my favorite) “a way to encourage employees to treat their job and company as their own." . . . read more

Posted: December 14, 2016

GIft shop wall, installed by Giroux Glass, Inc. at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Hollywood.

This project was just completed! The smart folks at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center realized that the best way to have people see their shiny new gift shop would be to place it where so many visitors often frequent during the course of a visit: next to the cafeteria, also newly renovated. 

We were asked to install the glass wall which divides the two areas, and we did with this series of 60" tall sections that appear to form a curved line. The 9/16", blue-green glass is laminated and manufactured by Trulite, and the base shoe and top cap manufactured by C.R. Laurence. . . . read more

Posted: December 13, 2016

Impressive teaching facility at the CRL Vernon location.C.R. Laurence, or "CRL," as they're known to most of the industry, is a leading supplier and manufacturer of products to the glass and glazing industry, and one with whom Giroux Glass has done business ever since our own company was started seventy years ago. There aren't too many local companies older than ours, but CRL is an exception, at over one hundred years old.  Visiting one of their many manufacturing sites, was, however, brand new to me. With worldwide locations in forty-five cities and six countries, it was interesting to me that I was getting to see where it all began so long ago, in Vernon, California, not far from our own downtown Los Angeles location. 

I was invited to attend a training session of CRL's proprietary estimating software, called "StoreFront Online." In my quest to learn as much about my "new" industry, (if I can indeed still refer to it that way after over 2 years), I accepted eagerly, hoping to get a glimpse into a day in the life of our talented glazing estimators. . . .

read more
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