Posted: March 22, 2017

The AON sign from the rooftop.

Our CEO and President, Nataline Lomedico, and I like to stay in close communication about new and exciting challenges for our Service Department--and our latest one is upon us!

It all began with an emergency phone call from Shorenstein Realty on Friday, March 17th. They had a large, 400-pound window break and blow out of the 61st floor of the AON Center skyscraper in Downtown Los Angeles, causing quite a ruckus down below.

The glass fell right onto Hope/Wilshire Boulevard between 10 and 11 a.m., but the luck of the Irish must have been with us all on this St. Patrick’s day, because, luckily, no one was hurt! Emergency vehicles closed off sidewalks and monitored vehicle traffic closely. Media folks were there to interview anyone with information about the unfolding event. 

Our team of glaziers, including Juan Orozco, Chris Ortiz, and Andy Vasquez, were on-site within one hour of the breakage, to assess and come up with a plan. It appeared that the glass shattered due to spontaneous breakage. Building management coordinated with HSG Professional Window Cleaners to hang the house stage in its precarious location. A mile up in the sky, the clean-out and board-up was completed without a hitch. . . .

Posted: March 17, 2017

At Giroux Glass, we feel it's important to keep in touch with not only all that is going on within our industry locally, but also to see and chat with other "subs" in our area. We feel that being members of American Subcontractors Association,  ("ASA"), is a wonderful way to do just that.  Headquartered in Alexandria, VA and established in 1966, ASA members include subcontractors, specialty trade contractors and a variety of suppliers. Our local Los Angeles/Orange County chapter, has since 1988, hosted monthly meetings at which guests… read more

Posted: March 10, 2017

Ilse Baeck and Sophia Cavalli at NAWIC LA event March 9 2017In celebration of WIC Week 2017, which officially ends tomorrow, NAWIC LA presented its last event of its "Groundbreaking Women" series yesterday, March 9th.  At this event, knowledgeable panel members represented architectural, engineering and construction companies, which was an interesting contrast to Tuesday's panel, in which the women who participated worked for various departments of our Los Angeles City government.  I attended the luncheon along with my Giroux Glass colleague, our contracts manager, Ilse Baeck (shown here, right, with moderator Sophia Cavalli.)

The Culver City luncheon was generously sponsored by construction management company, HDR, Inc., and was attended by about 160 people -- including quite a few men!  The questions to the panel were skillfully moderated by Sophia Cavalli, who acts as diversity director for Balfour Beatty Construction.  When speaking about the importance of women working together, Sophia reminded us all that "if you want to fo fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go with others. . . ."  

Posted: March 08, 2017

NAWIC LA event 3/7/17

Yesterday, it was my absolute pleasure to attend an event hosted by the Los Angeles Chapter of NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction), my first event of the week to celebrate "Women in Construction" Week, happening March 5th to 11th. The event took place on the top floor of City Hall's Tom Bradley Tower, a destination worth the visit for the gorgeous Art Deco interior design and the panoramic views in every direction from an outside walkway. The views were as amazing as the panel discussion was inspirational. Some of the most influential women in the city discussed their views on issues related to their careers, work and gender challenges, life balance, and shared advice for success. I don't think I could have heard a more motivating group of intelligent, passionate or successful women. And to know that they had an impact on the cityscape I was admiring made it that much more stimulating. 

The discussion was skillfully moderated by Priscilla Chavez, who serves not only the president of NAWIC LA, but also as the manager of diversity and inclusion for PCL Construction Services, Inc. - and, so, is highly familiar with these issues herself. She asked interesting questions of each panel member, and I'll recap some of my favorite answers. . . . read more

Posted: February 28, 2017

We're grateful for your vote! A group of our Giroux Glass, Inc. partners

Our blog here at Giroux Glass is truly a labor of love. We hope it serves as a relevant and applicable source of information to you, our readers! With contributions from so many partners and friends, we know it's a success, and now you can tell our industry that you agree.

We are excited to announce that our blog is one of 26 construction blogs vying for the #1 title in Construction Marketing Idea's "2017 Best Construction Blog" competition. A diverse range of organizations are represented in the list, including several international entries; and we are honored to be among them!

We would be very grateful for your help by voting for our blog!


Please click on the link provided directly above and select the "Giroux Glass, Inc." checkbox when submitting your vote. . . . read more

Posted: February 16, 2017

Giroux Glass at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center

Who would have thought that my career as a project manager would lead me back to my birth place (I won’t say how many years later), at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center.

Aside from my own history there, Giroux Glass has also built a long-term relationship with Kaiser, though in a different way, having provided glass and glazing services to numerous medical centers over the years. Most recently, our glazing team completed an outdoor healing garden project at Kaiser LAMC, after beginning the initial pre-planning stages for it late last year.

We teamed up with Kaiser Construction and Facilities Services and Sautter Architecture to help construct the healing garden, complete with a soothing water feature to help calm visitors. . . . read more

Posted: February 09, 2017

Giroux Glass, Inc.'s glasswork on the Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

It feels like an appropriate time for the fourth and final installment of our Lucky Dragon blog posts, as Chinese New Year is still being celebrated around the world, and in many hotel-casinos along the Las Vegas Strip.

The authentically Asian-theme of the new Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino is energetic and flamboyant, much like this year's zodiac animal, the rooster. The red and gold color scheme and use of glass throughout are major statement pieces, casting a dramatic, rosy hue nearly everywhere you explore.

Director of marketing and PR Barbara Kotsos and I recently toured this new hotel-casino (visiting from Los Angeles, CA), and captured some of Giroux Glass' work on camera. . . . read more

Posted: February 06, 2017

Nataline Lomedico (President & CEO) and Ilse Baeck (Contract Manager) at Cal High's Career Fair 2017

Along with Nataline Lomedico, our CEO and president, I attended the 2nd annual Career Fair at California High School, in Whittier on Friday, February 3rd. It was at a NAWIC Orange County networking dinner, the previous week, where I learned about this event from Izzy Zandvliet, (shown below at her own NAWIC table) , and when I eagerly signed us up to  host a table. The Job Fair was open to all students from grade levels 9 through 12, and the school estimates that about 2,800 attended over an extended lunch hour.

With about 700 students estimated to graduate from California High School this year, what a wonderful pool of potential new hires they were! There was a wide diversity of industries represented at the Fair that day.  We were among a variety of tables representing companies or agencies from law enforcement to tattoo artistry, from IT specialists to emergency medical teams . . .! read more

Posted: February 03, 2017

Entrance doors at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, installed by Giroux Glass, Inc.

What a thrill it was for Monica Molinaro and me to get a private tour of the gorgeous new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. We have previously published a few posts on the project (see 6/23/16 and 5/11/16), but it’s the first time that the two of us got to see this amazing venue’s impressive 650,000 square feet of sport and entertainment space -- and also the projects completed by Giroux Glass, Inc. From the moment we entered the row of double glass entrance doors, (installed by Giroux Glass), our jaws dropped and we continued, awe-struck.

Our field foreman, Art Mortensen, and Michael Lecavalier, the arena's manager of facilities (and also a fellow ex-Montrealer!) were kind enough to spend the morning touring us through all the different areas.... read more

Posted: January 12, 2017

PANELBuilder AXYZ 5018

As announced by USGlass News Network (USGNN), Glass Magazine, and CCR Magazine, Giroux Glass, Inc. has recently upgraded its panel fabrication capabilities with the installation of a new PANELBuilderTM.

Manufactured by AXYZ International, it represents one more impressive piece of CNC (computer numerical control) equipment for fabricating aluminum composite and metal composite materials in our San Bernardino, California-based plant.

Previously, over the years, Giroux Glass has included panel systems in its work by subcontracting their fabrication to outside companies. The new addition, along with the installation of custom saw/feeders, will enhance our glazing projects and benefit our customers in several important ways. . . .

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